Why us?

The ability to interactively visualize and explore high dimensional data is the key to
better understanding hidden patterns and the possible mechanisms driving complex dynamics.

Each individual research project will require a tailor-made, interactive visualization application.

We provide:

User-centered design and user-friendly interface

With PathoVis, you are able to choose the level of information complexity and interaction which are best suited to your individual bespoke requirements, in an intuitive, easy-to-use, user-centered and visually captivating interface.

Powerful interactive exploration

In just a few clicks, you can efficiently search, cross-filter, rearrange and simultaneously inspect multiple aspects of large complex datasets to explore undiscovered patterns and the hidden associations - without programming efforts.


Click video: check a use-case example for pathogen genomic surveillance and epidemiological investigations (ongoing project)

Secure and flexible sharing

The PathoVis web-based solution allows users to flexibly control the visibility of data and easily share their visualization dashboards inside a secure environment. The software can be effortlessly hosted in your internal server system.

Integration of Metadata

Seamlessly integrated metadata helps to investigate intricate associations, such as drug resistance profiles linked to resistance gene evolution, and host/habitat traits associated with bacterial adaptation to environmental challenges.


Check our successful project published in NAR
Showcase: the beauty, power, and utility of of the panX visualization

Interested in use-cases in other areas, or a customized visualization solution for your project?
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We are keen to hear your ideas and would love to understand more about your project.
We can discuss and identify how we can move forward together.

After we have reached mutual agreement about your requirements, we can help you to make the best choices to take your idea to completion – a powerful customized interactive visualization application.

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